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Advanced Call Blocker


Sale starting August 13th: Only 99 cents (save $1)!Important: SMS and MMS blocking does not work on Android 4.4+ (KitKat) devices. Call blocking may not work on certain versions of KitKat (4.4.2_r1 through 4.4.3).
Easy to use Call, SMS and MMS blocking app• Block unwanted calls and text messages• User friendly UI makes Advanced Call Blocker easy to setup and use• Many features and options allow you to block one number, or millions of numbers with only a few clicks• One time fee, no recurring charges• NO root access needed, NO internet permission required• Ability to block SMS, MMS, incoming and outgoing phone calls
3 Ways to Block Calls:• Answer and End Call - caller is not sent to voicemail• Send to Voicemail - caller is sent directly to voicemail• Silence - the ringer and vibrate are disabled while the call rings for the duration
Fully customizable Filters allow you to:• Block unknown and private (restricted) numbers• Block numbers that are not listed in your contacts• Block individual numbers that you add to the block list - Easily add numbers from anywhere on your phone: Contacts, Contact groups, Call log, Text messaging or type the number yourself - Import or export your block list• Block ranges of numbers by using a wildcard, for example 800* or 800555*• Block area codes using the North American Numbering Plan Association (NANPA) database (US/CAN)• Block invalid and/or international numbers• Exception list allows you to never block certain numbers• Exception Only mode allows you to block all numbers EXCEPT the ones in your exception list• Block messages sent from e-mail addresses with the ability to allow e-mail messages from contacts
Fully customizable preferences allow you enable or disable each feature:• Show notifications in the status bar when a call or message is blocked• Remove blocked calls from the Android call log• Send automatic text message replies to blocked numbers• View detailed history of blocked calls and read blocked messages (MMS messages cannot be saved)• Reply to blocked SMS messages from within the app• Move SMS messages to the Android text messaging app• Display a callers location when a call is allowed (US/CAN)• Widget to quickly block the last incoming call• Silence first ring (and vibrate) of each incoming call so you phone will never hear blocked calls
And much more!